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Our ongoing relationship with municipal and industrial customers over many years means that we have constant valuable feedback about the specifications that get the job done. We will work with your requirements to custom fit your vac truck with any and all brands of vacuum pumps and positive displacement blowers and the options you need for the most functional truck for your application.  

Whether your tank truck is servicing portable toilets, households or industrial customers, your company's and your drivers' needs are unique. Let Transway help you weigh the costs and benefits to find the right mix of options and features for your needs.  

Transway's Products:

Municipal Vehicles
Transway Systems custom builds a complete line of municipal vehicles including street flushers, sewer flushers, catch basin cleaners, combination units and terra vac trailers. Transway is experienced in handling the specific requirements that municipal buyers need. We have extensive knowledge of the tender bidding process. We are also here to help municipal buyers develop specifications that meet or exceed the unique challenges of their region.

Industrial Vehicles
Transway Systems Inc. builds a wide variety of industrial standard vehicles. Our service is bolstered by our ability to meet the individual needs of our industrial customers. Because all of our equipment is custom built, any or all options can be easily integrated into your vehicle.

Septic Trucks
Transway Systems Inc. can custom build your truck to meet any requirements your septic business needs. Tank sizes range from as small as 300 gallons to as large as 5500 gallons. We offer all chassis makes and models, and install any and all brands of vacuum pumps and positive displacement blowers. We can custom fit your vacuum pump to your suction demands. All industrial options are available including jetters, vibrators, hoists, and full open doors to name just a few.

Toilet Vehicles
The portable toilet industry demands a lot from their vehicles. Transway Systems builds our toilet trucks to meet the stringent requirements of the industry, using a large variety of styles and brands of chassis to meet your individual needs. Portable toilet trucks have become complex; let Transway put together the right mix of features and options to fulfill your company and driver's wishes.

Aluminum Tank Trucks
Our custom manufacturing capabilities extend to the full range of tank trucks, including aluminum body models.

Hydro Excavators
Backed by years of experience, custom manufacturing capabilities and an extensive inventory of quality industry proven parts, we can provide a level of service second to none.

Transway Systems can custom build your septic tank truck to meet or exceed your business needs.  

Count on Transway Systems' more than 40 years of experience for a custom designed and quality manufactured toilet truck - with our great variety of chassis and styles, we can put together the right mix of features to meet your stringent requirements and options to fulfill your driverís wishes.  

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Transway's commitment:
Our commitment is to listen and work with you to build the finest vacuum system possible.

Mobile and Stationary Liquid and Semi-Liquid Waste Pumping Systems
Hydrovac Equipment | Vacuum Equipment Parts and Accessories
New and Used Septic Tank Trucks

Transway is your one-stop shop for all of your vacuum tank truck requirements, including replacement parts such as hoses, valves and shut-offs.  

"The bitter taste of poor quality lingers long after the sweet taste of low price is forgotten." At Transway, we work within the framework of each customer's needs to deliver the finest vehicle possible because all of our equipment is custom built. We look forward to designing and building your next tank truck.  

Transway Systems Inc. has been serving industry professionals around the world for more than 40 years with custom designed and quality manufactured vacuum trucks, hydro vac trucks, septic tank trucks, industrial vehicles, municipal vehicles, vacuum equipment parts and accessories. Transway has succeeded in satisfying customers' needs from the sanitation industry to the industrial hazardous waste industry.

We feel that every customer is unique, and with that comes distinctive requirements. Our commitment is to listen and work with you to build the finest product possible.

Whether your need is for a small tank to move only 300 gallons at a time, or for a large capacity tank truck to pump and transport up to 5500 gallons, Transway commits to listening to you and working with you to design and build the right equipment for the job.  

For all your septic truck needs, whether for industrial, commercial or municipal use, take advantage of Transway's quality and experience.  

CONTACT US toll-free at 1-800-263-4508 or email us to discuss your needs.

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