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Transway is extremely pleased to be serving industry professionals worldwide for more than 40 years fabricating high quality custom designed vacuum system equipment, and accessories. Transway is very proud of our contributions to this industry. Transway is large enough to handle any job, yet small enough to oversee the most detailed customer service requirements, with prompt after the sale service and support.

We feel that every customer is unique, and with that comes distinctive requirements. Our commitment is to listen and work with you to build the finest vacuum system possible. Backed by years of experience, custom manufacturing capabilities and an extensive inventory of quality industry proven parts, we can provide a level of service second to none. Take advantage of our quality and experience.

314 Lake Ave. N., HAMILTON, ON L8E 3A2
Telephone: (905) 578-1000 Toll Free
Phone: (800) 263-4508 Fax: (905) 561-9176
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